Thursday, October 29, 2009

Phat Knits - oversized chinky comfort?

Phat Knits by Bauke Knottnerous turns knits into sculptural type pieces and maybe even furniture.

well i gotta say this is definetly taking the love of knitting to a whole new level. not really my bag (you would have to have a rather large house) but still super funky

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

vanilla canvas

i thought i might share my work. i have always loved to paint but i do get rsi in my wrists if i spend too much time with a paint brush in hand. so my husband being to computer genius he is was determined to get me to create them on the computer.
as most digital artists would know it then opens a whole new world of possibilities for your art. thus Vanilla Canvas was born.

i had so much fun doing these robots, i collected images of retro robots from across the internet and then came up with these. my nephews just love them.

we sell wholesale to many retailers and interior designers across australia. we also sell reatil on our site for those who don't have a stockist near by.  like any business i look forward to when we can expand globally. be sure to check out my site

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

kate wood - illustrator

i have always loved to draw. i had fun creating my banner for this blog as my work doesn't really call for illustration. one lucky lady who can spend her time creating funky illustrations is my cousin. she lives on the other side of the world in the UK.
her talent has developed over the years and now her illustrations grace the cover of books, are in mags and i'm sure probably alot of other things as well

check out more of her awesome art at


Wednesday, September 16, 2009


thinking about flooring has bought me to rug. and who knew there were so many australian designer ones out there that were incrediby eye-catching.
this rug is from bernabeifreeman. It has been designed by Rina and Kelly. they  have been working together since 2000. In their collection they have may other wonderful things.
i'm also loving this woven wall, it would look amazing as a feature in a dining or lounge room
bernabeifreeman have definetly put themself on my list of designers to watch especially now i'm building, i'll have a whole new house to decorate

polished concrete flooring

my husband and i are lucky enough to have another go at building a house. we are both so very excited about this. we built the house we live in now back in 2001, it was our first try and with the budget we had and no experience we managed to come up with a great house. but this time we know what we want.
flooring is obviously a very big decision when building a new house.  in our existing house we have tasmanian oak floor upstairs and a combination of tiles and carpet downstairs. 
well let me tell you 3 kids and carpet don't mix. never never again, will we use carpet.  we're thinking polished concrete and timber  flooring will probably be the best choice in the new place.
i really like these ones and have stored them in my house file to show to the builder. lucky enough these ones have been done by a local company Mulit Blast Flooring here on the gold coast.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

samantha robinson - homewares

as long as i have owned my own abode i've had a facination with homely things. especially ones that are designed by people like myself. it is always encouraging to see people like samantha robinson she is a young talented australian designer of porcelin bowls, vases, teapots and many other lovely ceramic things.
she can be found weekly selling her amazing eye catching products at a Bondi markets

unfortunately i don't live in sydney but i will definetly be visiting her stall next time i'm there.

i've got my eye on getting some of these coffee cups, nothing like a little bit of creativity whilst drinking your morning coffee
i love her stuff - it's very cool