Wednesday, September 16, 2009

polished concrete flooring

my husband and i are lucky enough to have another go at building a house. we are both so very excited about this. we built the house we live in now back in 2001, it was our first try and with the budget we had and no experience we managed to come up with a great house. but this time we know what we want.
flooring is obviously a very big decision when building a new house.  in our existing house we have tasmanian oak floor upstairs and a combination of tiles and carpet downstairs. 
well let me tell you 3 kids and carpet don't mix. never never again, will we use carpet.  we're thinking polished concrete and timber  flooring will probably be the best choice in the new place.
i really like these ones and have stored them in my house file to show to the builder. lucky enough these ones have been done by a local company Mulit Blast Flooring here on the gold coast.

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